Afford Calculator

How much can I afford?

Step 1  (House payment is your only debt)

How much do you and your co-borrower make each year? $ 
Based on your income, your max house payment should be $  
You can afford a home worth approximately $ 
Step 2 
What are the combined minimum monthly payments on all your debt (excluding your current mortgages). Example - car loans, credit cards, personal loans, etc. $ 
The maximum that you can pay each month
for a house payment including your debt is 
This means you can afford a home worth approximately  $ 

Is this less than you need?  That's ok - there are many programs for people that don't qualify for Fannie Mae Conforming loans.  Let's see what you could afford under a non-conforming loan.


You could afford $  a month in a house payment under a non-conforming loan.  This means you may be able to afford a home worth approximately $  The rate MAY be a little higher, but at least you have options.

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