Buyer Seller Calculator

Buy vs. Rent Calculator

Would you like to know how much you could save by buying a home versus staying in your current apartment?  This analysis is over a 5 year period assuming a 33% tax bracket and using current mortgage rates.

Step 1: What are you currently paying in rent each month? $
Step 2: How much is it increasing each year? (1-7%) %
Step 3: How much will your house cost? $
Step 4: How much are you putting down? %
Step 5: How much will your house appreciate each year?
Step 6: Click here for results below!
Over five years you would pay $  in rent.
Over five years you would pay $  in house payments.
But your home would go up in value by $ .
And you would save $  in taxes.
And pay off $  of the loan, which is equity in the home.
The net of it - by buying this home you will save on average $  per month and in total $  over 5 years.

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