Up Your Real Estate Marketing With Social Media

Optimize your profile

We’ve got some basic strategies for real estate marketing. First and foremost be sure that your profile is correct on the social media platforms you are using. This way, anyone looking to get in touch with you will be able to get all your information conveniently.

  • Contact details
  • Address
  • Profile photo
  • Website URL
  • Details about your company
  • List what services your company offers

Use short videos to market and showcase properties

Most of us know how to record, upload and promote a video on social media platforms, but they are also ever-changing and you’ll need to adapt—and test new video formats offered by each platform if you want success.

  • Instagram Stories to show the interior of a property you are selling. These expire after 24 hours unless you save them to the “highlights” section.
  • Facebook Stories are just like Instagram stories and Facebook wants you to use their new tools in return for eyes to view them.
  • A Facebook Live video at an open house.
  • A Snapchat Story much like Instagram stories
  • A YouTube video showcasing the home.

Make Posts About New Listings

  • Use Instagram and Facebook to post your latest listings. Use beautiful images and post about the features and amenities of them.
  • Post about events in the neighborhood. Use current and upcoming events going on around the homes you post pictures of. This will demonstrate your knowledge of the community and your participation in it. It can also give customers a glimpse and a feel of the neighborhood they’re considering buying in.
  • Showcase the schools, shopping, transportation. Make sure the little details are in the posts with the pictures.


  • Always respond. Make sure you have “notification” turned on so that you always know when someone comments. Answer questions or simply reply by “liking” the comment. This will ensure that you are committed to your customer service.
  • Use Hashtags. To get people to see your posts on Instagram and Twitter, learn what hashtags are trending for what you are posting. For instance, #NewListing or #PriceChange. Use the name of the town or neighborhood with a hashtag.
  • Use beautiful photographs. A picture is worth a thousand words! Over half the people that bought homes last year said they found it online. That means that your photos could cinch the deal before a buyer even sees the house.

The Bottom Line: Realtors can do so much with technology. There is so much available to them. Learning to use them takes some time, but can improve your real estate marketing strategy by leaps and bounds. According to the National Association of Realtors, 95% of buyers searched for their next home on the internet and social media platforms.

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