New Year, New Home!

Should you consider putting your home on the market in January? It may seem that doing so during an off-peak season is not the most optimal but if you hire the right realtor who knows your market the best, even in January, you still can sell your home at a competitive price. Are you in the dark and cold Northeast or Midwest? There are plenty of reasons to be optimistic about your home selling.

There will be less competition! It’s well known that fewer homes are on the market in the winter. The warmer, longer days get more people out looking for homes in the spring, but after the new year when most people are back at work after the holidays, plenty of people are searching the web for their next big move. New year, new home. If you are serious about selling your home, get it listed online and marketed early to ensure you get this audience!

The experience of the realtor you hire is critical in most markets all year long, but because the dark winters are not the highest-selling months, you will need the best on your team. Pricing your home can be complex and you don’t want to scare off buyers by pricing too high. On the flip side, even pricing too low will cause buyers to wonder what’s wrong with your house. Whether true or not, a home on the market in the winter can lead buyers to assume that the seller is desperate to sell. Lowball offers may come in believing that the home will sell for any price. Buyers house hunting during this non-traditional time of year can often mean they are eager to buy and more willing to negotiate the price.

The real challenge might be to help dress up your home during the dreary weather. To help make your home feel more welcoming, shovel the walks, add outdoor illumination along paths, light candles indoors, add cozy throw blankets, and have holiday-type smells such as cinnamon or cookies, but take down any holiday decorations.

Beware that during the winter, any problems you may have in your home can become more prominent including drafts and leaks. To help lessen these potential problems, crank up the heat so buyers feel toasty warm and will be less likely to notice any issues.

The Bottom Line: It’s certainly possible to sell your home in the winter especially if you have a great realtor with a marketing plan. Someone who will get beautiful pictures inside your home to showcase online since most of the shopping will be first on real estate websites.

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